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George Spirits GT455 Forged Driver Head

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Brand: George Spirits
Product Code: George Spirits GT455 Forged Driver Head
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George Spirits Mono GT455 Forged Driver


The Mono Series GT455 Forged Driver is a premium hand crafted driver made for the athlete golfers.  It features a 2 piece construction head with a cold forged face for a very consistent feel with great durability.



It has a 455cc head with a shallow face design to promote a mid-high trajectory along with some added forgiveiness.  The center of gravity is placed to be very optimal for players looking for low spin and avoid ballooning of the ball.  It has smooth lines and a slightly ovaled head shape with a sharper back of the head design.  This design promotes a very stable and aerodynamic movement during the downswing.  It also makes it very easy to align squarely.  The head also features 3 weights that are placed hear the toe, heel and center back of the sole to provide a well balanced and stable impact with every shot.



The face angle is slightly open to promote a straight ball flight for those aggressive swingers.  It is built to produce a great combination of feel and workability without giving up and distance.  The head weight is between 197 and 200 grams.  The lofts are available in 9.5, 10.5 or 11.5 degrees.

Material: 2.PCS BODY-6A-4V + FACE-DAT55G cold forged in Japan
Head Size: 455cc
Loft(°): 9.5~11.5
Lie(°): 59
Face Angle(°): 9.5* loft- 2*open, 10.5* loft- 1.5*open, 11.5* loft, 1*open
Finish: Black Sapphire Ion

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