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Basileus UT Utility Shaft

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Brand: Basileus Shaft
Product Code: UT Utility Shaft
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Basileus introduces the UT Utility shaft.  Basilius shafts are made of high modulus carbon materials. The high quality carbon contains more glass materials than rubber throughout the shaft giving it a very strong and stable quality. This also provides a solid feel and makes the shaft very consistent which is key in creating a repeatable and reliable trajectory and flight. The Leggero shafts are 40t carbon press and hand rolled to perfection. 

Basileus shafts are broken down into 4 main categories determined by the flex of the tip and butt end of the club. This fitting system allows players to find the ideal characteristic shaft for their individual swings. The A, B, C, D categories are shown on a chart as quadrants. The vertical measurement on the chart indicates the shaft's flex characteristic from the middle of the shaft to the butt end. The higher up on the chart (A or B), the less flex there is in those areas. The horizontal measurement is the shafts flex characteristic towards the tip. The further right on the chart (B or D) indicates less flex towards the tip end. All Basileus shafts are made of tightly wrapped carbon material with a very stable anti-deforming cores. This makes the shafts react very true to its flex points and produce a consistent and reliable feel.

The Basileus UT falls right in the center of the 4 quadrants giving it a very consistent mid/high trajectory.  It will give it a very consistent feedback to the hands after each shot.

Basileus Shafts are a Japan Only release and is made to the highest standards.

Available in  60, 70, 80 or 90 gram options and in Silver or Black color.

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