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Kamui Pro TP-07 Nitrogen Driver

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Kamui Pro TP-07 Nitrogen Driver

Very happy to be able to finally game a "Nitrogen" Driver.
Kamui Pro uses compressed nitrogen to add more meat to the hot face to produce a lower spin and yet high powered bouncing effect when the ball make contact with the driver face.
All these, are meanwhile conforming to USGA rules
Here is my review of the driver after 3 games with it:
Kamui Pro TP-07 Nitrogen
Loft : 10
Shaft : Crazy Longest Yard 01 HOT 6.4
Swing weight : D1.5
Driver length : 45.25"
Product details:
*460cc, gunmetal black ion plating and silver satin finish
*Nitrogen technology - nitrogen filled encapsulated head increased internal pressure. The result is a high rebound ultra durable face
*Firm and quiet muted sound in impact. Soft feel impact on sweet spot
*Forgiving and minimal loss of distance on off centred hits
*Deep face with a slightly slender pear shape head
*High quality feel when driver is held on hand
*square face, easy to align to target line
Sound and Feel:
*Firm and solid sound on impact. Flight mate commented "i heard a pistol went off!"
*Feel the nitrogen at work when the ball bounce off the driver face on impact
*Driver head stable on impact
*Mid to low trajectory - due to the shaft as well as my swing plane
*Huge carry distance, lots of roll
*Off-centered hits are very rewarding. You will feel you didn't hit it far. But the ball went miles further than most other drivers
Jonetsu Recommendation Scale: 5 Stars of 5 Stars
Worth every penny!!


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