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2014 JBeam 535 Driver

Write By: admin Published In: Product Reviews Created Date: 2014-09-16 Hits: 2506 Comment: 0

2014 JBeam 535 Driver

Had the chance to land my hands on the all new JBeam 535 driver. I am very excited to take it out for a spin on the golf course and see how it will measure up against the famed 435r.
I have been gaming the 435r and it has given me enhanced distance as well as forgiveness on mishits. The 435r has helped in my scoring too. Consistently keeping me in the low 80s through distance off the tee.
As such, the 535 has its work cut out for it. Lets see if it can dethrone the 435r as the distance driver
Product details:
*445cc head, with black or pearl white finish.
*Options for different lofts and face angles
*2 piece Special Composite Titanium construction providing crisp feel and excellent rebound
*Triple weights system technology to control the swing weight and ball flights (i had the 8gm, 4gm and 2gm weights on the 535)
*Square face driver head makes it easy to align to target line - as per all JBeam driver heads
*Hides the 445cc well and it seems more compact and confidence inspiring
Sound and Feel:
*The sound is relatively subdued/muscular and the sound of the impact when the golf ball meets the driver face is  sweet chin music. You will know when you connected well and the sound and feel is extremely rewarding. Words cannot describe the feel
*Compared to the 435r, the 535 feels "meatier" with more "Ommp!!" when struck. You can see the ball take off like a bullet
*Anti left, mid to high ball flight (10.5 on Crazy longest Yard 01, 45.5" and SW D1)
*Lots of carry and quite a bit of roll
*On the average 10-15 yards longer than the 435r (based on my average distance playing the same golf course)
Jonetsu Recommendation Scale:  5 Stars of 5 Stars
Get this monster!!


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